Mohajl Scouring Pads

Scouring Pads

Set of 6 - premium quality multi-purpose sponge scourers with the sponge and stainless steel mesh.

The scouring pad is suitable for removing stubborn stains like tough baked-on messes, burnt food, grease and grime while the sponge side is suitable for wiping surfaces clean.

Great for the kitchen, garage, and outdoors. Ideal for washing up pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, and utensils and for all general cleaning around the house. also ideal for restaurants or pubs.

Hard-wearing, long-lasting scourers are excellent for tough cleaning chores with sparkling results.

Scouring Pads 6 Pcs. set

Scouring Pads 4 Pcs. set